So how did Pros From The Shows come about I hear you ask?

Well, my name is Layton Williams and I’m the director of PFTS and I’m going to tell you exactly how…
Some of you may or may not know but I’ve been leading dance workshops myself under the umbrella of #DanceWithLayton for some years now.

When I was 14 I began assisting at Italia Conti Ruislip Associates on the weekends for some extra pocket money. I didn’t realise how much I would really enjoy it but as the years went by I finally became a fully fledged teacher at the weekend school whilst I attended the main school (Italia Conti Theatre Arts) in Barbican. My time at Conti spread from 2010-2014. This is where the foundations of my teaching came from. Its how I learnt (I hope anyway) how to be a good teacher. I wasn’t perfect by all means and I’m sure some of the students would agree. I was tough but only because I cared.

My time came to spread my wings and start teaching elsewhere. That’s when #DanceWithLayton was born. I must say I was so surprised when the bookings started coming in for me to guest teach in venues across the UK. I couldn’t believe people would trust me to share my experiences. This is what I wanted to make sure was clear – I’m not posing as the next big choreographer… No no no. I’m saying, hey this is me, I’ve learnt a little along the way and hopefully I can teach and inspire you to chase your dreams too…

Dance workshops is what I started to do for income in-between all of my professional jobs as quite frankly… I don’t think I could do anything else?! Now – There is only 1 of me. So things started to get VERY busy and I couldn’t split myself into 2. OR could I? Into 3, 4, 5! YES I could.
And thats how PFTS was born.

I was aware of other companies that did something similar but that didn’t scar me… If anything it made the challenge even more exciting. I wanted to make a business that was fresh, current and inspiring. Being able to give my close friends and colleagues work through my company has been a big highlight.

I’m so thrilled to see the growth of my little company which was just a little idea that blossomed into a beautiful reality.
It truly is an amazing feeling knowing that students all over the country (and hopefully one day – the WORLD) will hopefully be inspired by the work that we do.
Onwards and upwards for PFTS as we begin to dive into new territory with new and exciting workshop offers. We’re also going to be bringing more blog content like this, and maybe even some interviews with our PROS.

Watch this space… My empire is building and its exciting – Come and enjoy the fun 🙂

Peace & Love,
Layton Williams
Director – Pros From The Shows



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